About us

Videofon MV, JSC was founded in 2000. Our company focuses on design engineering, production, and adaptation of a variety of innovative products in the areas of automation at large-scale industrial and transportation enterprises, integrated security systems at facilities of any complexity rating, energy efficiency at industrial enterprises, communication and monitoring of MEP equipment. We owe our success on the Russian market to continuous investments into development of our own technologies and close attention to our clients' live needs. The above factors ensure our company's dynamic growth; allow us to broaden our geographical reach and enable our expansion into new markets.


Videofon MV is a full-service enterprise which implies:

  • concept development,
  • hardware and software development,
  • testing, production, designing,
  • equipment delivery,
  • installation,
  • commissioning,
  • maintenance.

Our R&D team has a long experience in engineering of not innovative video surveillance systems alone. It has also designed unique video analysis technologies equipment including face capture and recognition; traffic monitoring; license plate, carriage number, and cargo container number recognition. Our hardware and software solutions ensure security at various industrial, transportation (railways, roads, tunnels, sea ports, airports) and retailing enterprises; municipal facilities; banking and financial institutions; oil refineries and power engineering facilities.


 Videofon MV has provided active equipment installation and setup for implementing of Rostelecom's (PJSC) telecommunication lines at sites of MOEK, PJSC.


Videofon MV's research and development efforts are aimed at design engineering of:

  • Integrated Security Systems;
  • Thermal Imaging Monitoring Systems;
  • GLONASS\GPS Satellite Monitoring Systems;
  • Road, Rail, and Water Transport Control Systems;
  • MEP Monitoring Systems (Housing and Utility Sector Automation Systems),
  • and other, which makes over 85 ambitious areas of our focus. The focused areas are subdivided into departments engaged in major government and commercial contracts.