Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition

Комплексная безопасность

International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition

For a seventh straight year the International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition (20-23 May 2014) draws representatives of the Russian security market top players whose basic business activity implies various projects and services in the integrated security field. Every year they introduce their products to major consumers including the sectoral ministries. These companies are not only participants, but also key target partners of the exhibition who share its ideology and make an inestimable contribution into the Russia’s innovative development.


Within the framework of International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition ISSE 2014, its regular exponents will come up with their pilot projects: a major Russian industrial holding that develops and produces high-tech products and infrastructure solutions using proprietary microelectronic technologies (business case of the group of companies comprises ready-made solutions in the field of National Defense, integrated security and communication systems, IT infrastructures, business process automation and optimization, industrial microelectronics, smart cards and electronic chips for passport and visa related documents, as well as major national defense projects), a leading Russian engineer company in the smart integrated security and security management areas the main business line of which is engineering, designing, installation, and maintenance of integrated security systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, traffic control systems, vehicle license plate recognition systems (motor and railway), etc., as well as a company focused on integrated security hardware and software, information technologies, telecommunication solutions, and others. Regular exhibitors of the International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition highly evaluate the significance of its annual organization and speak of the new products to be introduced within its framework. The International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition makes its contribution not only into meeting new customers but new partners as well, all within the short time. Besides, here you can get to know general sectoral trends or get familiar with projects developed by other holdings. This year the exhibitors will present the Vector ionosonde model. Apart from that, two state-of-the-art radars (Laguna and Surok) will be demonstrated and related technical consultations will be conducted. Laguna radar is designed for automatic detection, and coordinates and motion parameters measurement of detected sea- and aircraft, while the purpose of the unparalleled Surok radar is to detect low-flying aircrafts such as gliders, helicopters, and airplanes including air drones in the near responsibility area. Besides, your attention will draw the Automated Emergency Emission Monitoring System (AEEMS) that can guarantee safety of the staff working at chemically hazardous facilities and

people living around them. This system has been successfully launched at some industrial facilities of Moscow, Kursk and Murmansk regions and Krasnodar Krai. As part of the Show business program, stand seminars will be arranged among which is the Integration of chemically hazardous facilities monitoring systems into complex public emergency notification systems. For the first time the International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition-2014 will see the introduction of the unique “Integra-Planeta-4D” system. The Integra-Planeta-4D system is suitable for integration into both small objects, e.g.: stand-alone buildings or mobile facilities, and extended installations such as large plants and even as big sites as cities. Integra-Planeta-4D merges all security subsystems into a single 4D geographic information system that represents a situational analysis of territories and installations including an occurrence viewing and visualization on multi-layer 3D maps. That enables control and centralized monitoring of thousands of federal facilities, and promptly submitting true information about every local complex and the whole system to related coordinators via global communication lines. The system structure allows its continuous functional expansion which is a plus to its users who can add and upgrade program modules without changing the basic application. Among other products to be introduced at the upcoming Exhibition are an integrated intelligent security system; a digital Integra-Video surveillance system; an Integra-SKD access control system; an Integra-KDD traffic monitoring system. Within the framework of the International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition an “Electronic city – electronic governorate – electronic country: interaction of society, business and authorities” forum will be held. Its organization is aimed at professional discussion of current problems related to IT integration into cities, regions and the state development and society safety. We feel positive that the Exhibition is going to aid creation of the conducive environment towards establishment of business relations and find new partners and likeminded people. The upcoming forum will offer the following solutions: • 'Safe Region' one integrative platform. It is a multi-level territory-distributed hardware and software platform based on a failure resistant backup client-server architecture including web applications. The Safe Region aids centralized monitoring of the environment in a specific region and operational management of the regional manpower, resources and aids in routine activities and in case of emergencies; • Media-Dispatcher information and warning hardware and software system is used in the integrated information and warning systems as a software application. It implies 24-hour broadcasting and includes emergency threat warning messages; • a number of latest solutions among which the most remarkable are: - hardware and software for a retina recognition system

- hardware and software for radiation and chemistry monitoring systems - hardware and software for the Integrated Public Emergency Alert System which allows decrease of human losses and financial and property damage caused by natural and man-made emergencies; • mobile communication centers, a GSM-based closed distributed communication network, a fixed system intended for proximity identification of individuals with high body temperature to detect ill, intoxicated (by alcohol or drugs) individuals or individuals in the state of intense emotional excitement. 7th International Show ISSE 2014 will be held from 20 to 23 May 2014 in Moscow in the territory of All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC) under the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.