Integrated security system of the Sochi Olympic sites

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Integrated security system of the Sochi Olympic sites


The system consists of:

* Video Surveillance System;

* Thermal Imaging Video Surveillance System;

* Lighting System;

* Perimeter Security System;

* Access Control System;

* Technical Security Equipment;

* Sabotage and Terrorist Kill Device Identification Detection Equipment;

* Public Address System;

* Special Communication Center Equipment: the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and EMERCOM of Russia ;

* Cabling System;

* Electrical Power Supply System of TSE (Technical Security Equipment).

* Aerostat-based Video Surveillance System.

The integrated Mountain Cluster Security System covers eight 5.5 kilometer-long perimeters and include 10 car check points and 18 entry check points equipped with screening systems.

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