Mobile Tethered Aerostat System

Mobile Tethered Aerostat System

Mobile Tethered Aerostat System

We, as Videofon MV, are on the way to introduce a mobile tethered aerostat system (MTAS) as part of our thermal imaging and television monitoring system.


MTAS can serve you as a real time day-and-night stream video device for objects under your observation, with an option of transmitting your videos to a command center (CC) or having them displayed on the CC screen, as well as registering on and saving them to a hard disc.


MTAS consists of two tethered balloons, a winch with a central unit and a generator set, a surface-mounted command center with its control unit and displaying module, an aerostat service system with a gas manifold and a loader, a gyro-stabilized hardware platform with a video surveillance unit (data processing and storage), a power unit, an information transfer unit, antenna-feeder devices. A pickup truck is quite suitable for transportation of our MTAS.


MTAS CC can be deployed in a passenger compartment of your vehicle to ensure:

  • control of a rotary three axis gyro-stabilized gimbal;
  • control of an optical-electronic unit of the hardware platform;
  • active three axis gyro-stabilization of the optical-electronic unit.


The vehicle is needed for:


  • transportation of an operating crew and air unit, the hardware platform and gas cylinders up to wherever you are going to deploy the system and launch the balloon;
  • filling and launching the balloon and system operation without unloading the cylinders, the power generator set and the winch out of the vehicle;
  • making the balloon anchored at the specified height and for air equipment operation.

The MTAS transceiver ensures a stable radio communication between the hardware platform and CC. The maximum distance between the balloon launch point and CC should be 300 meters. The rotary gyro-stabilized gimbal ensures that the angles of the optical-electronic unit turn:

- in yaw - 360° x n;

- in pitch – from 0 up to -90°;

- in roll – from 15° up to -15°.


The rotary gyro-stabilized gimbal ensures the turning speed of the optical-electronic unit angles in yaw and pitch – from 0 through 60°/s; in roll – from 0 up to 5°/s; as well as angle movement compensation of the balloon bag with max. frequency of 0.2 Hz and accuracy equal to 1.5 degrees.

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