Automated control systems

Our company designs and successfully introduces automated systems intended for controlling various work cycles including traffic control systems.

We are focused on:

* Turn key automated process control systems for enterprises of various industrial sectors;

* Client-oriented automation solutions at every production level;

* Completing and integration of control, management, and dispatch systems for industrial business organizations;

* Maintenance of the systems installed.


Our services:

* Designing

* Equipment delivery

* Software engineering

* Installation

* Pre-commissioning

* Staff training

* Commissioning

* Maintenance


Advantages of the integrated automation:

* Higher level of industrial safety;

* Higher level of anti-terrorist protection;

* Energy source cost saving;

* Stability increase;

* Improvement of labour efficiency of operators;

* Downsizing;

* Facilitated interaction of operators;

* Improved working conditions for your staff.

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