Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency



To enhance the energy efficiency level in your organization, we have a number of solutions in our hands which cover:

* Energy auditing (under FL No. 261);

* Energy performance certificate working out;

* Inhouse energy efficiency policy elaboration;

* Automated control system engineering and introduction;

* Engineering and introduction of a situation centre.


The basic and permanent requirement is to ensure efficient and stable energy saving.

Driving forces:

* Cost;

* Safety;

* Legislative authorities

* (FL № 261);

* Sustainable development;

Energy saving technologies application evaluation, with regard to the following:

* Comparison of actual loads and energy consumption plans;

* Energy saving confirmation;

* Anticipated investments;

* Cost efficiency/pay-off;

* Technical and commercial risks;

* Technical support program development;

* Measuring equipment rate evaluation and data collection for monitoring and goal setting.


* GHG reduction;

* Water consumption reduction;

* Electrical energy saving;

* Energy source cost saving;

* Inhouse energy efficiency improvement.

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