MEP systems

MEP systems

Automatic Fire Alarm System

Equipment of facilities with a security and fire alarm system is a sensitive issue as far as the people safety and material values integrity are concerned. Damage that may be caused by a fire can be minimized provided its early detection. That is why cutting your budget in the pursuit of a cheaper security and fire alarm system does not actually make your money saved.

The major goals such as fire source detection; management of fire systems, public address, access control and emergency escape arrangement are the basis for your fire alarm system development. In its projects, Videofon MV has solved this problem by integration of the fire fighting system and with fire alarm, and public address systems.


Ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems

Selection of a ventilation and air conditioning systems depends on the space it is going to be used in, its purpose and a number of persons indoors. Installation of ventilation systems in residential and office buildings is so important that its technical (engineering) requirements are specified in SNiP (construction rules and regulations) and other documents. Lack of indoor ventilation causes carbon dioxide concentration increase that results in human's health deterioration.

Air conditioning systems are not an obligatory and vital aspect, but, nowadays, not a single facility gets along without their installation. To provide maximum comfort, an air conditioner you choose should be specific to the space it will be used for. You need also take into account the most appropriate way of its installation including the external and internal unit placement, cabling, power supply, etc.

Our experts will prepare thermotechnical calculations when designing your heating system and a detailed heating layout. They can also give you a sensible assistance in selection of the heating equipment before installation of heating systems in your house or other facilities.

A warranty for the heating system designing and installation is provided. Our heating systems design services cover various facilities like flats, houses, office buildings, cottages, etc. The design elaboration is carried out under client’s specification in accordance with the current construction rules and regulations.


Smoke exhaust

Smoke spread management and its exhaust assume taking into account of physical characteristics of the materials, structures and equipment concerned, and various methods. The physical parameters imply passive characteristics such as structures smoke penetration coefficient.

Non-fixed windows, fans and smoke detectors belong under smoke exhaust systems. The smoke exhaust systems are based on the structures physical parameters which are designed for smoke spread prevention by isolation of a fire source.

The smoke exhaust systems are intended for smoke spread prevention from a fire source, prevention of smoke ingress in escape routes, i.e., to provide proper conditions for emergency evacuation of people.


Electrical power supply

Electrical power supply system is a complex of engineering structures, equipment and hardware intended for electric power delivery from a source to consumers. The basic system elements are power lines, substations, and switchgears.

The electric power supply system can be divided into three major components such as:

  • Electric power sources — electric power stations;
  • Electric power distribution systems – electric mains and switchgears;
  • Electric power consuming units — receivers of electric energy.


Automatic fire-fighting systems

They are the most effective means of fire suppression at its early stages. The automatic fire-fighting is used in combination with the fire alarm system and so eliminates any failures or delays that may result from human factor errors. The automatic fire-fighting systems can be compared with a fireguard which protects a site all the time.

It should be noted that designing and installation of the fire-fighting systems are the measures which require a great deal of responsibility, since they define efficiency and safety of the system during its operation. Consequently, engineering and implementation of such systems must be carried out by experts. Over 14 years has our company been providing nothing but best solutions for the fire protection of your facilities. Our priority is a care about your protection.


Cabling systems

Structured cabling systems (SCS) are the basis of information infrastructure for any organization. Structured cabling systems are used for construction (installation) of IT infrastructure, videoconferencing, local telephone network, security alarm, video surveillance systems.

Structured cabling systems feature with:

  • versatility (unified information transmission, compatibility with equipment from various manufacturers and applications);
  • flexibility (modularity and expansion capacity, convenient commutation and introduction of alterations);
  • reliability (quality warranty and elements compatibility) and durability.

Versatility, flexibility and redundancy of SCS mean that a customer can in the long view save on their maintenance expenses, and/or he can change location, number and configuration of the work places.



Telephone network (IP telephony) design solutions are based on the Cisco technologies which allow you to benefit from establishing not only a small network for a small enterprise or a remote office with some tens of users but also a major corporation with hundreds of thousands of users. Our long-term experience gave us an advantage of elaborating off-the-shelf solutions. This design was created on the basis of Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) technologies which comprises the Cisco UCS C220 server. The solution allows establishment of a high-availability (failover) clustered system including multi-server service distribution for load sharing, and can support up to 40000 user’s terminals if any servers added.


Low voltage systems

Low voltage systems and networks are a mandatory utility member of the nowadays building infrastructure. The core of the system is cable networks which are used to transmit signals from stand-alone devices to the hub equipment. In fact, the structured cabling systems (SCS) based on twisted pair copper cables or fiber optic communication lines became a standard solution for this kind of system installation. Properly designed and installed LV network allows saving on your would-be investments into retrofitting of the existing systems.  


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