Safe City

Safe City

Safe City

Nowadays urban municipalities tend to install video surveillance systems at social fund based and residential facilities, or some other security systems (security and fire alarm equipment, CCTV subsystems, metal detection arches, etc.).


However, these measures are not quite systema

  • you cannot make integration into a  functions;
  • fragmented systems; which may result in an increase of the purchase value of any follow-on maintenance equipment.


We offer a unified integrated civil security system (UICSS) for its implementation in cities, towns and settlements which includes the following critical constituents:

  • regulatory segment: elaboration of unified engineering standards, their codification and enforcement of all legal regulatory acts;
  • organizational segment: establishment of procedural regulations aimed at coordination of actions between local government authorities and internal affair bodies, local EMERCOM, etc.;
  • technical segment: design of integrated multi-service platform for UICSS construction (3 levels: upper, medium, lower).


Introduction of the unified integrated civil security system will enable putting all considerations and administrative, law-enforcement and EMERCOM measures, piecemeal as yet, into one single strategy.

  • safety standards elaboration – standard system requirements for an integrated security system to implement in a city, town, settlement or region;
  • elaboration and continuous upgrading of a security systems project for cities and settlements;
  • establishment and continuous upgrading of city and regional civil threat prediction and prevention situation centers for population in cities and city regions ;
  • arrangement for one emergency response channel-based on duty dispatching centers in every town or major settlement (Incorporated on duty dispatching center of city);
  • development of an informational support system at the police control centers as part of the automated police office and mobile police patrol control system in cities and towns.

Upper level: arrangement for Unified Monitoring Center under the auspices of a regional administration.

Medium level: arrangement for local monitoring centers in towns and major settlements.

Lower level:

  • elaboration of an integrated safety system for facilities that will include a CCTV system, security system, access control system, automatic fire alarm system, automatic fire-extinguishing system, public address and evacuation system, etc; 
  • registration of various sensors activation (unauthorized access, high gas content in the air, fumigation, humidity and etc.) and actuation devices control (forced smoke exhaust actuation system, elevator shutdown, valves and latch actuators, electronic lock deactivation and etc.) including information transmission to emergency response services;
  • technical support to “house arrest” program enforcement;
  • emergency situation identification and prevention by means of routine MEP and engineering structures monitoring;
  • activation of a building public address system;
  • information of responsive services about any lawbreaker’s location or actions, generated by analysis of data received from various devices and mesh network sensors;
  • CCTV and audio monitoring system installed in elevator cabins;
  • remote lighting control and door unlocking for emergency services (police, EMERCOM, ambulance, etc.);
  • personal security and alarm fobs operation support including an operator's answerback and an occurrence identification.

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