Basic risks for infrastructure security

* terrorist threat;

* criminal threat;

* man-induced impact threat;

* military threats;

* natural disaster threats;

* environmental threats;

* information threats.


Physical protection at infrastructure facilities

Organizational measures;

Administrative and legal measures;

Integrated security system:

- technical resistance means against burglary (TRM);

- technical security equipment (TSE) ;

Guard forces actions.

The integrated security system consists of:

▪ technical resistance means against burglary;

▪ security and fire alarm system;

▪ automatic fire-alarm system;

▪ perimeter alarm system;

▪ thermal imaging and television monitoring system;

▪ access control system;

▪ security lighting system;

▪ sabotage and terrorist devices detection equipment;

▪ communication system;

▪ public address system;

▪ electrical power supply system of TSE;

▪ cabling system;

▪ data and information & telecommunications networks protection system;

▪ thermal imaging transport monitoring system.

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