Fire Finder

Fire Finder

Fire Finder is a smart automatic thermal imaging and television  system of early fire detection which comprises a high-resolution thermal core (640х480 minimum), a high sensitive video module, a laser rangefinder, a weather station, a GLONASS module, an electronic compass, an azimuth sensor, an elevation angle sensor, and multi-function high-end IP video server.

The FireFinder system serves as a 24-hour, all-weather automatic surveillor and a fire hazards analyzer and a predictor within its operational range and intended for early detection of forest fires and civil and industrial facility threat-inducing factors.Multi-sensor panoramic view of the surroundings (a panoramic video picture and a thermal image superimposition)allows high-precision visual referencing of a detected thermal contrast object to a panoramic video picture. The GLONASS module combined with the rangefinder and the electronic compass allows determination of exact fire coordinates.

Distinctive features:

  • 24-hour, all-weather operation (in case of clouds, fog, snow, rain and/or other unwanted factors)
  • No-fail reliable finding and highlighting a thermal contrast object that may be standing out of the general background (e.g. a fire source) due to the stable operation of a thermal imaging camera under any conditions
  • Early fire detection up to 10-12 km distance
  • Compatible with general and specific-purpose geoinformation systems
  • Fully automated fire source detection
  • Highlighted mapping of any scanned area
  • Recording and retrospective reconstruction of any event sequence within the operational range
  • Fire hazard identification against meteorological data
  • Remote control by an operator
  • Real-time sharing all surveillance data and/or any detected fire information
  • Electronic mapping of the fires which might be detected, including exact geographic values, and cumulative dual spectrum image screen displaying options:
  • fragmented – fusion of different fragments generated by different spectral bands in accordance with the observed object emission
  • combined - a combination of object’s image shapes in the visible spectrum and its pseudo-colour thermal image
  • semi-transparent - one of the images is a background for the other; their combination is prioritized by an operator.


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