GPS/GLONASS Transport Monitoring System

GPS/GLONASS Transport Monitoring System

Our business area covers R&D aimed at engineering of the equipment for GLONASS/GPS satellite monitoring system, control systems of road, rail, and water transport.

Videofon MV completed a number of large-scale navigation and telematics projects in the years 2006-2007, including equipment with our positioning control system of VOLAN (European passenger

transportation company) and MOSLIFT MSUE vehicle fleets, Moscow police car fleet, truck fleet of Housing and Utilities Department of the city of Moscow, etc.

Our products are certified for use by top national and foreign car manufacturers (VOLVO, MAN. SCANIA, etc.).

Our POSITIONER system has been in demand with some of the Russian security and tracking operators (to be used with leading insurance companies products like ROSNO, etc.).

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