MEP system monitoring

MEP system monitoring

With our smart automatic thermal imaging MEP monitoring system (TMS) you will always be warned about any upcoming equipment failure.

A typical highway and railway tunnel MEP equipment comprises a number of power supply, cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Available control means geared towards integrity and operability of the abovementioned systems make the detection of any malfunction or defect possible only when a failure has already occurred.

Now you can avail of our smart automatic TMS for the purpose of a regular diagnostics of the power supply systems (transformer substations), emergency service rooms including server equipment and information acquisition cabinets, cooling systems.

The smart automatic thermal imaging MEP monitoring system combines a thermal imaging camera, multi-function IP video server with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE support, media converters (if any FOCL available), UPS, 12V standby power unit, and a specific software .

A fluctuating temperature of any equipment member at fault (IR radiation intensity change including an on-screen display of a colour-contract image, and an isotherm temperature gradation) will gear our smart automatic thermal imaging MEP monitoring system up for an early warning about the failure which is about to occur.

Basic functions:

  • Defective contact coupling detection;
  • Damaged equipment part recognition;
  • Insulation monitoring;
  • Fire prevention;
  • Warning of coolant leakages of cooling systems and power equipment cooling system breakdowns;
  • Fire pump unit state;
  • Warning of a critical power supply system operation, especially, of a transformer substation emergency operation (when one of the transformer fails, the load is distributed among the others causing a current increase in the transformer coils and coil temperature rise, as a result);
  • Vent equipment monitoring, in particular, jet fans and high-power supply and exhaust fans.

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